A short history of a lifelong gardener

DSCF0712I always loved gardens, from the time I was quite little, helping my Dad in the garden (always preferable to helping do housework!). My first introduction was growing pansies in my little garden (an area specially laid out for me). I graduated to helping with the weeding and lawn mowing, pruning roses and eventually took odd jobs helping elderly neighbours to manage theirs. Fast forward 30 years and I never realised I would turn it into a business which I’ve now been involved in most of my life.

These days I focus on design and replanting, revamping existing gardens. Although initially trained in design, It occurred to me that with all the designers coming of out of the colleges now (simply not possible when I set out in my career), we need more and more skilled gardeners than ever. So now I specialise in managing designed landscapes, making sure they stay true to the original plan as well as designing. Thus you can trust that when planted the garden will not only be beautifully designed but there’s someone out there to help you maintain it.

I find it a great thing to tend a garden – being outdoors, using your practical knowledge to create and nurture your very own plot of paradise. The art though lies in knowing what to do when, being able to change your plan dependent on conditions and to grow with the garden. I find that is mirrors the journey we make in life – learning as we go, adapting and planning.

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