The inner and the outer

I’m a fan of tending the soil. both the soil in the garden and our own ‘inner’ soil in our guts. So, I am both a gardener and a healer. It’s an interesting combination but listening to the microbiome summit I am drawn to realise that there is so much similarity in cultivating a dialogue with our resident bacteria, which ultimately evolved with us and exist in symbiosis much as plants do with soil bacteria. It’s such a profound relationship that we would do well not to take for granted as its loss means the end for us as a species.



The soil must be in balance or plants cannot absorb nutrients. Similarly if our gut bacteria get out of balance we cannot manufacture many hormones, and enzymes necessary for health. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides play havoc with the natural balance in both the inner and the outer ecosystems.

As I consider my life so far, I begin to see the parallels between these two branches of my work.

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