Garden Design – why design a garden?

The truth is most gardens lack proper structure to ensure year-round interest, unity and a sense of fitness for purpose. This can only be achieved with the help of a trained eye and an understanding of the medium – something I hope to bring to every scheme I undertake.

At its best, garden design is an art rather than just a layout, with as much thought given to composition, balance, structure, form, harmony and illusion as planting. The test of good design is simplicity – a sense of calm, a place that is relaxing to be in. This is actually not that easy to achieve – the tendency being to ‘over design’ and put too much in.

Me – my CV

  • City and Guilds Horticulture 1987

  • M.Sc. in Landscape Design, Management and Ecology Wye College, University of London 1989

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Garden Design, Pickard School of Garden Design 2003

More information

A passionate plant and garden enthusiast, I have taught courses at the University of Southampton, Taunton’s College, Southampton and Mountbatten College, Romsey. I have been designing gardens since 1989 and have completed hundreds of gardens in that time. I have no particular style, preferring to respond to the site and client individually. My interest in modern art and architecture influence me to provide clients with bespoke gardens that are as individual as my clients.

Recently I made the decision to add holistic therapies to my skills as I come across so much need for healing amongst the people I meet. For me the links between the ecology of the earth and that of the body are profound. I have built a therapy room based in the garden which makes a lovely setting for healing. Check out my sister site www.alchemytherapies.co.uk for more information

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